About us

Leading the Aluminium Fabrication Industry for more than 14 years, we as VVK Alucon Industries (Pvt.) Ltd has mastered in importation, fabrication and installation of aluminium/glass-based embellishment for constructions. In addressing the growing demands in the current market of Aluminium Fabrications, while following effective sustainable methods, we have expanded our services while further upgrading the quality of the products that are imported.

As a payback for the quality of the products and the customized services we have delivered to each of our respected customers, the name VVK Alucon Industries reached its peak of success within a short span of time. With an expertized experience in the industry, we had the greatest opportunity to handle almost all the mega-structures in the commercial capital. The uncompromising dedication of the highly experienced and diversely qualified staff, combined with the professionalism of the service and the product was the unfaltering gateway to the success.

Currently, we have spread our wings towards not only towards the national high-end market but also towards the international market and to successfully carry out many high-end projects inbound and outbound as another responsible yet confident step that we expect to further develop.


To offer construction services of the highest quality and value to our clients delivered by a team of construction professionals committed to excellence through a dedicated team considering environment and working in a cooperative format with owners and construction professionals.


Provide innovative, reliable, and high-quality services to clients with excellence. We fulfill our mission by developing highly trained loyal employees who work as a team to anticipate, identify, and respond to the client’s needs. We are driven to lead the industry by recognizing that every detail of projects is a step on the stairs to excellence.


To leverage our experience and goodwill whilst adding value to our shareholders, and clients.step on the stairs to excellence.



Initiated as a supplementary service provider to the construction division of VV Karunaratne & Company, I am proud of the success that VVK Alucon Industries achieved so far in the alloy construction industry in Sri Lanka.

As a team, we constantly look for new customers all around the world and maintain long-term partnerships with our existing clients. We monitor and analyse prices in the international alloy market on a daily basis throughout the year in order to provide our clients with the most competitive prices.

 Our team comprises of experienced professional and dedicated workers who work under the supervision of qualified and experienced engineers.

Our clients and business partners are in our top priority list and that’s why we do what is necessary to keep them pleased by providing them with the effective service of high standards.

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