We are the
best in Aluminium

Alucon Industries (Pvt.) Ltd is a member of the group of companies which has a history of over 04 decades. The parent company which commenced operations as a commercial transport and civil construction company gradually graduated into a major conglomerate with over 08 vibrant and successful companies under its umbrella. Today the group comprises of a workforce of more than 1700 staff. Almost all the companies have acquired ISO certification.

Alucon Industries (Pvt.) Ltd within a short period of time has reached the pinnacle of success. Since we began to the work on almost all the megastructures in the commercial capital the company ’s name gets popular in the industry. The careful selection of highly experienced and diversely qualified staff, the quality of service and uncompromised dedication are the catalysts in the success of Alucon Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

The reputation of Alucon has grown to such an extent that a foreign branch has established in the Maldives where successful projects are being carried out.

Our Vision

To be the most recognised aluminium construction embellishment in Sri Lanka

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price while meeting the construction industry’s demand

Our Objective

To leverage our experience and goodwill whilst adding value to our shareholders, and clients.


We are committed to providing high-quality service and products while striving for continuous improvements in our work process.


As an industry-leading provider of high-value technical and construction solutions we are firmly committed to maintaining a safe environment.


Through inventive process and unique solutions, we provide unmatched end-product to our customers; hence we foster creativity and innovation in works.

Core Values